Thursday, January 17, 2013

4 yr old Stats

I was a little late getting to the doctor with the girls for their 4 year old appointment.  Not sure if it was because I didn't want to see them get 4 shots or if I am just behind in general these days!  But here are the stats on our ever growing and ever changing girls:

44 3/4 inches tall
45 lbs
44 1/4 inches tall
46 lbs

Hearing, speech, and eye sight are great.  

We recently started gymnastics and the girls absolutely love it.  They couldn't look forward to jumping and rolling and twirling more!  I am not sure I will get them to agree to go back to soccer now!  I think we will try to do both this spring, but that is a huge commitment for us.  So we'll see which one the girls choose when asked or give them the chance to choose both.  They are both doing great in school, and come home excited each day to talk about the letters they are learning and what words rhyme with other words.  They are very much into their friends at school and tend to gravitate towards the boys!  Uh Oh! Pictures to come.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa 2012

The girls visit Santa...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Fair Time!

It is County Fair season in Maryland and our girls LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  Last weekend we went to the Montgomery County Fair with our friends Rebecca and Casey, and their kids Kaleb (3) and Haley (1).  All of the kids enjoyed the lights, sounds and the general chaos that is a fair.  We rode rides and watched the demolition derby, and ate carnival food; the rides were definitely the best part!  It is that feeling of summer you never want to forget.  Here are few pictures of our very fun day together!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Unexpected choices

I love Halloween, I get excited for it every year.  Now that I have kids I get even more excited thinking about all the things I can dress them up as; the costumes we can come up with having twins, the ensembles we might put together as a family of 4, oh it goes on and on.  Earlier this year the girls said they wanted to be a tiger and a giraffe...again.  I so disappointed because they were a tiger and giraffe when they were 2, I was hoping for funny or cute!  I let a few months pass and asked them again this past weekend what they wanted to be for Halloween, and this time things went a little differently, but still ended in a way I didn't see coming:

Me:  Isabel, Lexi, what do you girls want to be for Halloween?
Isabel:  A crayon
Lexi:  A BLUE crayon.  I want to be a LIGHT BLUE crayon.
Isabel:  Me too.

Ah the minds of almost 4 year old twins!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

School, a learning experience

Some moms know from the beginning that they won't be stay at home moms, and others know they will not work at all once they have kids.  Then there is me.  I am somewhere in the middle.  I like to get a way 2 or 3 times a week, but couldn't stand to work full time.  So a month or two ago we decided to put the girls into "preschool".  I wasn't aware of many things, and let's just say the facility I chose didn't work out for us.  So now we are on to a new adventure and the girls will be starting Building Blocks of Faith Preschool in September.  It is an actual Preschool, and they will be going for 2.5 hours, 3 days a week.  I am excited about this new adventure and think our girls will be well nurtured in a great environment.

Speaking of the girls, they are still growing like weeds, always the tallest kids, their age, around no matter where we are!  They are learning to write letters and numbers, and are working on sight words and lots of tracing.  Crafts, and anything to do with patterns are a huge hit for them right now.  They will create a pattern out of anything if they can.  Pretend play is also very important to them right now.  They enjoy pretending to be Mommy and baby, or to be owner and pet, it is very cute and makes me so happy they have each other.

Next month they will turn 4 and I am ready for it, but at the same time wondering how it came up so fast.  It felt like 3 seemed to last for ever in the middle but these last 2 months have flown by.  They are changing from the chubby toddler look to the lanky little girls I knew they would become, it just seems to be happening sooner than I expected.  They are both assertive and brilliant in their own ways, picking up on different skills at different paces but equally intelligent.  They both excel at sports, just in different ways.  Isabel is very into balancing and hopping on one foot, spins and twirling.  I think I could have a gymnast or cheerleader here, but Alexa seems to want to play soccer or T-ball mostly.  After doing dance last year, we opted for Soccer this fall, and possibly in the spring, and will maybe pursue gymnastics in the spring or summer.  For now it is soccer, and it starts next week, so look for pictures soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another milestone...PRESCHOOL!

Tomorrow the girls start school.  Ok, ok,'s only preschool, but still it is emotional for me.  I am excited for them, and a little for me too!  :oP  I am a little teary-eyed about how much they will grow up in the next few months; I am sure fast forward will be in full effect.  They are brilliant, charming, precocious, and clever little girls and I have no doubt they will do just fine in all facets of schooling, so I am not worried, I am just emotional about this milestone. They are so excited.  Yesterday they went with daddy to buy their lunch boxes/bags and their backpacks and they couldn't wait to get them home and fill them with "stuff"!  I know I will be beaming with pride the first time they bring something home that they "made for me at school".  

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

We are at your birthday Mommy

Since January we have been discussing the birth dates of the members of Doug and my family.  First is was Pop Alex in January, then Aunt Kim, and Uncle Matt also in January, Meme in Feb, Uncles Chris and Rob in March, etc etc and we would tell the girls about who's birthday it was and try to call and get them to sing "the birthday song" as they call it.  Sometimes it worked, others it didn't, but mostly they were interested in keeping track of when my birthday was.  Talk about a perfect match, they are all about my birthday and so am I!!!  But seriously they began to ask how much longer until my birthday about once a week.  So yesterday, they were so excited to call me at work and sing happy birthday, and announce to me then "we made it to your birthday mommy!"  It was a long time coming it seems.

So as the day when on we decided to keep it low key (my choice!) and do a simple dinner at Chipotle (again my pick!), and at some point Doug said that Lexi seemed upset and when he asked her what was wrong, she told him "I'm worried they won't have cake when we get to Mommy's birthday (at Chipotle)!".  That kid is so much like her mom!

Doug loads them up in the car and they are all waiting for me to get to the restaurant but my bus is running late.  They call me from the car and on the speaker phone in the car, I hear both of the girls screaming "Mommy Mommy, we are at your birthday!  Hurry Mommy we are already here at your birthday!"  Gotta love them girls.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The Easter bunny brought the girls some temporary hair color oils that make color streaks in their hair.  They have been begging to try them since Easter morning.  So today we woke up and broke out the hair oils!  They LOVE them.  Thinking about bringing some to TN!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Too Young

I had already made the decision that my girls were just too young to dye Easter eggs this year, but wanted them to get something more than plastic eggs in baskets.  So I headed to the dollar store, purchased some glitter pen paints, and then ventured back home where I dug through the craft drawer for left over and tossed aside materials from previous projects and here is what we came up with!  I hope the girls will  enjoy hunting for them on Easter morning.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Look What I Did!

For those of you that know me, you know I am not into gardening or landscaping.  My daughter Isabel however wanted a "garden" this year; and lets face it my house needed some basic landscaping.  So here is my first days results.  (my body was sore for 2 days, and I am busy for 2 weeks so the rest will have to wait!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Big Girl(s) Bed

Some of you might know that last month Isabel fell and injured herself.  She fell and hit her front teeth on the metal frame of her toddler bed, there was a lot of blood, and crying (mostly by me), a trip to a pediatric dentist, her first x-rays, and in the end NOTHING needed to be done.  So it looks like she lost a tooth, but it is actually just pushed back into her gums.  The dentist says there is nothing to do but wait and it should come back down on its own.

In response to this little mishap, I removed the toddler beds from their rooms immediately!  After a couple of weeks of toddler mattresses on the floor with no coordinating bedding, no paint on the walls, and only a dress in the room, I decided it was time to give the girls an honest to goodness little girls room.  I asked them what color they wanted in their room and Lexi said, I want blue walls; wait, I want DARK blue walls and LIGHT blue on the bed, with diamonds.  Izzy said, I want yellow on the walls, and pink and green on my bed.  It was difficult to explain to them that they would only have one bed to share, but they eventually got it.  I did some research and decided on a "scheme".  Last weekend I moved everything out of the room, headed over to Sherwin Williams, and got to work.  I am about 90% finished and the girls are back in their room LOVING their big girls' room!  I am not going to lie, it was a little emotional for me the first night I put them to bed in their "big girl bed", and when I took a look around and realized that for the first time in 3.5 years there were no cribs in their room.

I didn't expect to get emotional about something that seems so normal, but alas I did.  I sat there thinking, as I am sure thousands of mothers before me have too, that they will never need cribs again.  They will never be that small again.  Flashes of pride for the little girls they have become, and pings of sadness as I realize time has gone by so quickly and we will never go back there again.  I just want to be able to bottle a small piece of who they are at each of these stages in their lives so I can revisit them when I miss those days.  I am thankful for digital photography, and modern technology that I can capture tiny moments like these it makes it somewhat easier.

They are still growing like weeds, over 42 inches already and both are just under 37 lbs.  It will soon be time to transition them from the convertible car seats to the full back booster.  They begin preschool two days a week in May and LOVE to sing.  Where is the pause button on life?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ahhh the 3's!

Some days I have tears in my eyes from laughing so much, and others because they won't stop fighting.  The ups and downs of having 2 three-year-olds has definitely moved into high speed!  The girls always love each other, but I will be honest, the two most common phrases that I say these days are "be nice" and "stop fighting".  People often asked me about having twins, and if it is harder.  For the first two years, I always answered that is isn't twice as hard, just twice as long.  This is the first time since they were born that I sometimes think it is twice as hard.  I am reassured by my sisters and friends that 4 is much different that 3 and this too shall pass, boy am I counting the days sometimes!

When they aren't fighting, they make me laugh a lot too.  Lexi, has me cracking up with her "I sure do love those kids" statements when she is talking about my Mom and Dad.  Another one that both the girls say is "this is delicious Mommy" at dinner.  Unexpected from 3 year olds, and I guess that is what makes it funny to me.  Their conversations with each other, are sweet and caring, or just demanding!  Depends on the day.  Isabel is very much into being "the leader" and is barking orders all the time; unfortunately Alexa has perfected the art of ignoring anyone who is directing her (parents included), so this turns our commanding Izzy into a sobbing mess!  Oh the highs and the lows.  When Lexi plays along it is adorable.  Isabel is still working on playing along when she isn't the leader, we are all a work in progress.  I have to say that my most favorite thing right now though, is when they sing.  Our girls LOVE to sing.  We have a CD set of 123 kids songs that we listen to in the car ALL the time, and a few of the songs in particular are so fun to hear them sing.  At night though, they put on impromptu performances after lights out.  They are supposed to be sleeping, or trying to fall asleep but instead Doug and I will suddenly hear "The Farmer in the Dell" being SCREAMED through the monitor.  The louder the better, and when it is all over they laugh and laugh, until one of them declares the next song to be shouted, um, I mean sung.  Even after a difficult day, filled with fighting and time outs, this could make even the most exhausted parent laugh.

It is hard to believe they are 3 1/2. I signed them up for preschool today; they are scheduled to start 2 days a week in May.  I know it will be good for them, and they will love the other children and a structured environment, but I am still finding it hard to let go.  I know that one day soon, they will be going to school 5 days a week, until 330 in the afternoon; I just want to spend as much time with them as I can before that happens.  Just wish I could slow things down a bit!

This spring we are taking on projects that are centered around our girls.  First we are moving the girls from their toddler beds to a big girl bed.  We decided to go with one bed because they truly do love to sleep next to each other.  The bedding has large multicolored flowers and two walls are going to be turquoisey blue and two walls are going to be daffodil yellow, with the dresser and shelving in pinks and greens.  It is a colorful, fun, room design fit for two very energetic and dynamic girls.  Hoping to post pictures in a few weeks when its all done.  Our second project is at the request of Isabel.  She told me she wanted to make a garden.  So we are going to start small in the front of the house with some bushes and shrubs and maybe a few annuals, and if we are really motivated maybe even a few flowers of the girls choosing.  I think she is mostly looking forward to playing in the dirt, but who cares, help is help!!  Hopefully I will get a few shots of this project and hope to post them along the way!  Wish us luck because gardening is not my thing!!  :)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Busy, but happy time of year

The Hartig family has been on the move!  A few weeks ago we had our pictures taken by a professional photographer.  I love the pictures, they turned out great.  I just wish they were not so expensive.  Although we cannot afford to by copies of these images for or our loved ones, we did get watermarked copies that I thought I would share with you here.

P.S.  If you want to see the finished product, without the watermark, I guess you will have to plan a trip to visit us in MD!!!  :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Visit

Yesterday we made our annual trip to Annapolis Mall to see Santa.  The girls were pretty excited this year; we had been talking about visiting Santa for a little over a week.  We were trying to reduce the fear, and answer questions about him and basically prepare ourselves for what reaction we might get.  I asked the girls what they were going to tell Santa they wanted for Christmas, to which both of them screamed "PRESENTS!"  After I stopped laughing, I said, "Yes, but what kind of presents", to which they stated "Blue presents"!  I probed further and asked, "OK, what kind of blue presents" and finally was told a blue teddy bear.  Upon revealing their desire, Lexi switched to red, a red teddy bear.  So when it was time to tell Santa what they wanted, they explained they wanted blue and red teddy bears, and then proceeded to stand there and not move.  They were expecting him to give them a teddy bear right then and there.  He had to explain that they had to way until he came to their house on Christmas Eve and deliver the gifts to all the good girls and boys.  The responded with "I don't want to wait". Ahhh to be a kid, with no filter.

It was a visit filled with many moments that made us laugh, and it ended with what we think is their best Santa photo yet!  Happy Holidays everyone!  We hope you are all enjoying this time of year and spending lots of time with the ones you love!

Funny Lexi Moments from the last few months

The other day we are driving in the car and we came to a red light, so I stopped.  Alexa says "hey Mom are we out of gas?"  I just couldn't help but laugh!  We have never run out of gas.....don't know where she got that.

A few weeks ago we are sitting at the dinner table and Lexi lets out a huge "UUUGGGHHH".  So I ask her what is wrong and she says "I'm frustrated"  (I laughed a little hearing that).  I asked her why she was frustrated and she says "Because Izzy is driving me bananas"!!  I nearly fell off my chair with that one!

Finally, we were at the doctor the week before Thanksgiving because both the girls were sick.  Just as we are being called back by the nurse Alexa says, "I have to go potty", naturally that was followed by Izzy saying "me too".  So I proceed to take them down the hall to the potty and Alexa is sitting on the toilet doing everything but peeing.  The nurse had knocked on the door already to let us know what room we were in once she finished.  I would estimate she had been on the potty for 5-7 minutes, and I was getting impatient.  I said to her "Alexa, you need to hurry up the doctor is waiting for us."  She says to me "ok Mom, just slow down".  I find little humor in this remark at the time, and say "Alexa, I am losing my patience" and to that she responds "I know Mom, we need to get more"!  How could I not laugh at that!  Talk about lightening up a stressful moment!

Yesterday I asked the girls if they knew where we were going this weekend, and Lexi replies "yeah, we are going to Grandma Q and Papa Bill's house.  We are going to see Grandma Q because I miss her so much".  I nearly cried it was so cute!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Fun

I absolutely love this time of year.  The weather is great, the leaves are beautiful, and it is Halloween--the beginning of the holiday season.  This time of year always inspires people to spend time with their families and visit pumpkin patches, farms, and orchards; to let their kids be kids in corn boxes and mazes.  I adore watching families together bundled in fall clothing, complete with my favorite kind of footwear BOOTS!  Check out Izzy trying on Mommy's boots for size!

Once the girls were back in their own boots, we headed down to Bowles Family Farm in Clements, MD.  They are famous for having the largest corn maze in MD.  They have it done each year to support a different local business.  Pretty cool.  The girls are a little to young for a maze this size so we stuck to the small maze, the petting zoo, "train rides", and the favorite place to be....the corn boxes!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Disney 2011 *****Warning extremely long post*****

The problem with digital pictures is that I take WAY too many of them.  We have been home from Disney for over a month and I still haven't made it through the mountain of images we took while we were there, over 1000 photos!  I did however buy the disc with the photopass pictures.  I wanted to share them with you all sooner, but time gets away from me these days.  So for now I will do what I can, here is how the trip went...

We were lucky enough to take advantage of Doug's job and were able to take the auto train down to Florida.  It was a lot of fun; we boarded the train at 3 pm, and immediately were invited to wine and cheese in the lounge car.  The train departed for Florida an hour later and we got settled in our rooms.  We had 2 adjoining sleeper compartments.  The compartment consisted of a couch which folded down into an extra wide single bed, and then a bunk that came down from the wall, also a private bathroom with a shower and sinks.  It was nice to be able to have that space.  So we relaxed until 5pm when we were called for our on board dinner.  The girls loved eating on the train.  There was a movie in the lounge car following dinner, but because the girls are still a little young for a feature length film we opted to head back to our room and set up the laptop with Beauty and the Beast.  The girls cuddled up with their blankets and tucked their dolls in next to them and enjoyed the ride.

Doug and I moved over to our side of the room, pulled out the table and played a few hands of gin.  We relaxed, I drank wine, we read the paper, Doug played Sudoku and I did a crossword.  We lounged and just enjoyed the ride.  I would take the auto train again in a heartbeat!

By 9pm the girls were in bed, we were back at the table playing gin for a few more hours.  Then it was off to bed, and before we knew it we woke up for a light continental breakfast at 7am and then pulled into the station in Sanford, FL at 8am.  We were off to our condo, and were checked in by 9:30 am.  We decided to unpack, and put the girls down for a nap, Doug was off to Walmart to stock the condo for the rest of the week and after a shower we were all ready to hit the ground running.

We decided to go to Epcot the first night we were there.

The first thing the girls saw when we got into the park was a place to meet Mickey and his friends.  They both ran up to the windows and plastered their faces against the glass to see all of them inside.  Doug and I decided to go ahead and wait in line to meet them all.  The wait was trying at times, but Epcot was set up with TVs playing cartoons so that anywhere you were in line you could see a screen.  That helped alot.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the girls very first time meeting Mickey and friends:

Isabel had Lexi distract Donald so she could check out his tail feathers!

Next we headed over to the Finding Nemo ride.  We all loved it.  We wanted to see if the girls would be okay staying up late for the laser light show, but needed to eat first.  Unfortunately, the show wasn't until 10 pm and the girls were going into meltdown mode right around 7pm, so we got some food at the Chinese place hoping it would rejuvinate the girls, but no luck.  We headed back to the condo because the next day would be a long one!

We woke up early Tuesday morning and were so excited to go to Magic Kingdom.  Our moods were only dampened slightly when it began to rain on our way over; by the time we got off the bus is was a full on Monsoon!  So we stood under a covered walkway for a long time, I headed to the giftshop and purchase 4 ponchos, and a hat.  When the rain finally subsided enough for us to just go for it, we did!  The girls didn't care about the rain, they just wanted to jump in the puddles.

So we made our way over to the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house, it was open and there was no line!  So we headed up the tree.

  Next we headed over to the pirates of the Carribean ride:

and ran into Goofy:

Then we headed over to Frontierland and there was Donald...

And then it was time for our very first character meal!   We headed back to the front of the park to the Crystal Palace to have lunch with Winnie the Pooh and Friends.  I had planned several character meals to give the girls a chance to see the characters up close and to relax/eat while waiting.  At first, Doug wasn't sure about this decision, because let's face it, we overpaid for the actual meal but after the wait to see Mickey and all his friends the night before at Epcot, Doug declared it a GREAT idea!  The girls were VERY excited to see all the characters, no fear here.  A couple of my favorite moments:

Isabel seeing Eeyore for the first time:

Her first picture with a character:

And right when it was Lexi's turn to meet Eeyore, she saw Tigger enter the room! Eeyore was so heart broken! It was perfectly played by Eeyore as he covered his eyes as if he was crying and lower his head without skipping a beat!

He forgave her after a big hug.

After lunch, the rain had stopped completely and we had a full day of Magic.  Rides and shows, and parades and of course what trip to the Magic Kingdom would be complete without meeting the princesses!

First they met Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty):

Then Belle:

Last, but not least, Cinderella:

Check out our Picasa pictures to see all the magic we experienced on our first day ever at the Magic Kingdom.

After meeting the princesses it was time to watch the parade one last time and then head home for the night because Grandma Bobbie and Papa Jim would be arriving soon!  At least one of us, was very tired!

The following morning we headed over to Sea World.  We spent the next two days, watching shows with dolphins and whales, and assorted other marine life.

We rode rides and even fed and petted the sting rays.

 The girls finished up their trip to Sea World by getting just as wet as the rest of the animals there!  They had so much fun in the water park area.  It was really hot both of those days, so it was a great ending to our time at Sea World.

The park closed at 6 pm, which was perfect so we could head out to dinner, and get to bed early because the next day was the big day, the girls 3rd birthday!!!!

On Friday morning, we woke up early and were headed over to Magic Kingdom again.  Unfortunately for us, the weather didn't cooperate and it was pouring once again. We had a really full day planned, and the girls were excited.  Our first stop was breakfast at the Grand Floridian Hotel!  

Happy Birthday Isabel and Alexa!!

The girls birthday breakfast was shared with Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, The Madhatter, and Alice.  As much as the loved seeing Pooh, and Tigger, I think the highlight at this breakfast was Mary Poppins!

They haven't even seen the movie yet, but boy were they struck by her.  They didn't want her to leave.  They loved her lipstick and asked her to give them some, so she touched her lips and then touched theirs and blinked and the girls believed she had painted their lips the same as hers.  It was so sweet to watch.

 Then it was birthday cupcake time!  Yes, the girls had a great breakfast, complete with Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, fresh strawberries, eggs, and a huge cupcake too!

Then came the Madhatter and the girls had no clue who he was even though we had just watched the movie a week before our trip....

It wasn't the same story when Alice came around they knew who she was!  Alice sang Happy Unbirthday to herself, and even borrowed one of the girls birthday cupcakes to blow out her unbirthday candle!  It was cute and the girls could not stop watching.

After breakfast the rain was gone, but the heat and humidity had arrived!  The girls didn't care, they just wanted to go ride more rides and see the other half of the park; but first we need to dance in the streets and watch another parade!  (I got some great shots of the characters, you can see them in our Picasa Pictures).

Next we headed over to the Merri-go-round and a great 3D movie, and a trip through Brear Rabbits and Winnie the Pooh's neck of the woods.

Finally we were off to meet a personal favorite Lexi's, THE FAIRIES!  Rosetta was there and so was Tinkerbell!  The girls were so curious and very taken by the fairies!



Finally it was time for the GRAND FINALE of our time at Disney World.  The girls birthday dinner at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Resort.  It was to be the granddaddy of all birthday dinners!  It may have fallen a little short but these girls never noticed!  We were all exhausted, but still managed to enjoy our last meal at Disney World and celebrated with birthday cakes!

We have now concluded this broadcast of our very successful and unforgettable trip to Disney World!!!